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Diet Therapy In Rishikesh

Yogic discipline and diet therapy go hand-in-hand. If you are lighter from within, the yoga poses act more effectively on the body organs and muscles. Additionally, you can utilize all the energies for a higher calling, rather than for mundane body functions like digestion. Vegetarian food seems to be suitable for the practitioners of holistic sciences, as they are Sattvic in nature. Rely on Diet Therapy In Rishikesh, for the best advice.

Diet Therapy In India

According to the Diet therapy center in India, the yogic diet relates to the consumption of fresh, unprocessed, and raw food. Such foods can promote mental, spiritual, and physical health in totality. The diet of any individual, who is involved in holistic sciences, has to be based on ahimsa, sattva, and saucha. Ahimsa translates into non-violence. It means that you should not kill any living being, for food. Thus, it dictates one to refrain from meats and poultry products. A Sattvic diet, on the other hand, stress on vegetarian food, fruits, whole grains, juices, and herbal teas. Saucha translates into the consumption of food that is free from chemicals. Thus, encouraging yogis and other holistic science practitioners to go for organic food.

Diet therapy center in India

About Diet Therapy In Rishikesh

Diet Therapy is a method of eating food, to improve upon current health conditions or to prevent any sort of health complications in the future. It involves the modification of ones' lifestyle and dietary habits, to get the full benefits of nutrients that are already present in the food. Diet therapy in India is catching up, as diseases are on the rise. Most people want to adopt healthy eating habits, to stay disease-free.

Diet Therapies In Rishikesh

There are various kinds of diets that focus on preventative healthcare and curative ones. You will come across diets for diabetics, diets for kidney failure, diets for good skin, and so on. However, there are various ways to approach a common problem. That is what diet therapies are all about. You will find the predominance of the below-mentioned diet therapies in India today.

Culinary Diet

Culinary Diet

A Culinary diet plan is based on food science and traditional nutritional principles. It combines nutritional therapies and a passion for cooking the healthiest meals. Through this method, you can get a sustainable diet plan to be a part of your livelihood. Apart from the food quality, its taste, and aroma also finds importance in culinary cooking. You get to use the freshest ingredients in their whole form, which leaves the basic qualities unaltered. Moreover, you make it more palatable.

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Customized Clinical Diet

Customized Clinical Diet

A customized clinical diet or a personalized diet is one that has been created for a single individual. The clinical nutritionist studies the hereditary patterns, biological patterns, medical history, and food preferences, to create a unique diet plan. Many people also use the term therapeutic diets, to address such a diet plan. Additionally, it is an individual plan, rather than a group plan.

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Natural & Ayurvedic Diet

Natural & Ayurvedic Diet

According to the Ayurvedic diet, you have to eat according to your dosha. The dosha happens to be a prominent energy that you are either born with, or may have acquired over a period of time. The three different Ayurvedic doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The doshas are in turn, governed by the five elements like air, water, fire, earth, and spirit. Before you switch to an Ayurvedic diet, you have to find out your most dominant dosha.

Of your dominant dosha is Vata, you can eat more of sweet fruits and cooked vegetables. Quinoa and rice grains also appeal a lot. Moreover, you can also eat lentils and dairy products, but in moderation. You can also have eggs and fish. Peanuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds also prove to be very beneficial for such individuals.

All those who are governed by Pitta dosha, must have sweet or bitterfruits, vegetables, dry cereals, chicken, eggs, almonds, and coconuts, in abundance. On the other hand, Kapha dominant individuals must include fruits with astringent qualities, along with pungent ones, shrimps, lots of buttermilk, and turkey. Thus, this diet is a bit different from the culinary diet.

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Benefits of Diet Therapy

Obesity Management

You will be able to manage your weight very effectively, if you use natural diets. This means that you should have more fruits, vegetables, pulses, fruit juices, and herbs.

Health Management

If you want to stay healthy internally, then you should go for Diet therapy In Rishikesh. When you eat natural food, you can gain all the benefits of the nutrients as they remain unchanged.

Supports Your Detox Plan

You can take assistance from Diet therapy treatment in Rishikesh, to aid you in your diet detox. A detox cleanses the body inside out.

Immunity Enhancement

If you utilize the principles of Diet therapy in India, you will be able to increase the immunity power of your body.

Promotes Healthy Skin

When you eat food according to your body constitution or their inherent qualities, then you can give a huge boost to the largest organ of the body, called skin. What you ingest always shows up on the skin. This is why, Diet therapy treatment in Indiais gaining so much popularity.

In general, following a diet plan which is suitable for you can lead to resolution of issues related to your cardiac health, digestive health, renal health and blood glucose as well. Metabolic diseases are also treated with proper Diet therapy in India.

You can connect with a renowned Diet therapy center in India, like Shiv Holistic Yoga School, to get answers to pestering diet and health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one way to eat. It mainly depends on your nutritional requirements. A healthy balance is required which includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, as well as lean meats.

We live in a fast-paced world, so most of the food available before us is processed. They have empty calories and are not good nutrition-wise, which makes them a bad choice. The key to addressing the issue is moderate eating habits.

Yes, eight glasses of water, is the recommended quantity according to the Diet therapy center in Rishikesh. It makes food digestion easy.

According to the proponents of Diet therapy treatment in India, organic is a way of farming. It is not a claim. You should concentrate more on healthy ingredients, rather than organic ones.

No, skipping meals is a bad habit. You will have cravings later, and will eat without any consideration. It also depletes your energy reserves.