Shiv Holistic Yoga School

Dr. Shivkumar Mishra

Dr. Shivkumar Mishra also founded Shiv Holistic Yoga Education Trust in India as a non-profit organization established in 2003. Dr. Shivkumar Mishra is an exceptionally well-read individual whose aim is to propagate the benefits of yoga, provide practical yoga training and education, and create general awareness of holistic education in society. Founder Dr. Shivkumar Mishra has completed his Ph.D. in Yoga and headed the yoga and Naturopathy department at one of the reputed Universities of India.

Mandeep Bhatt

Mandeep Bhatt ji is an experienced yoga teacher with 15 years of teaching yoga, specializing in mantra chanting and meditation. Acharya Mandeep began his journey into Vedic life at a young age and has become an expert in Vedic Philosophy, Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Sanskrit, Rituals, Fire Ceremonies, and Meditation. He is skilled in playing traditional Indian instruments such as the tabla, harmonium, mridangam, happy drum, and hong. With his remarkable voice and musical abilities, he can guide you deep into the state of Bhakti Yoga.

Mahesh Bhat

Mahesh was born and brought up in a very spiritual atmosphere. He completed his graduation from Garhwal University, with science. He completely transformed, after meeting his guru who helped him to see above materialistic avenues, so that he could aim for the higher divinity. Through his guru, he learned meditative practices and breath control techniques. Moreover, he developed his knowledge in the subject further and began sharing it with others, to build a strong foundation for society. He is an expert in Yoga Therapy.

Kushal Bisht

Kushal Bisht is born and brought up in Rishikesh, and he happened to complete his entire Yoga education in Rishikesh. He holds a Master's Degree in Yogic Sciences. He has been teaching Yoga to soldiers in the Indian National Army for a long time. He has helped many soldiers to get rid of depression and anxiety, as they work on the border. He has also volunteered at several yoga camps in Uttarakhand, to spread the knowledge of Yoga. He loves to share his knowledge of yoga, with all whom he comes into contact with. Moreover, he wants everyone to get the best out of this yogic discipline.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar was attracted to Yoga and Meditation from a young age. Moreover, Rohit started dabbling in Tantra and Yoga, as well. He pursued both Yoga and academics in college. He discovered a treasure trove of knowledge in yoga courses and decided to embark upon a career in yoga. He has a lot of love, compassion, and gratitude for yoga. He has traveled to the Southern part of India and some of the Asian countries to conduct classes. Rohit has also lived in and traveled to many countries in the European Union, where he experienced other facets of yoga.


Aim of Shiv Holistic Yoga Trainer is to impart effective yoga training & holistic education in society. Yoga has changed life of millions of people worldwide & helps to identify purpose of life. So this is important for teacher to focus on the methodology of the teaching through the sufficient language proficiency and communication. The Yoga teacher plays a vital role in shaping the learning experience of the student in her class as guide, mentor and classroom supporter. The teacher must understand students needs and be sympathetic to condition, never making students feel inadequate for something that may come easily to others.